Wind Chimes brings positivity and happiness in home

Wind Chimes brings positivity and happiness in home
Wind Chimes brings positivity and happiness in home

Feng Shui, the Chinese art of space, has been valued and followed in many homes now. Wind chimes form a big portion of Feng Shui.

Wind chimes have emerged as the hottest Feng shui thing in India. An individual can discover lots of houses in our area where wind chimes hang and virtually every gift store can be selling the merchandise.

Wind Chimes are usually made from hollow steel, aluminum and wood sticks wrapped in a bunch.

Some also think that wind chimes originated in India in the kind of bells, which have been hung out temples. This system reached to South Asia via Tibet, China, Bali and Japan.

Wind Chimes type base on metal and number of rods

Wind chimes should be hung correctly if you would like them to work for the best of their owner. Silver or copper, bamboo or wooden, ceramic or glass — wind chimes are always nice and helpful when employed as feng shui treatment against potential negative influences of ecological forces.

For the best result, pick the correct size wind chimes for your space. Very small size chimes may not be good enough outdoors or in a big size room and very large chimes could be overwhelming inside. As for sound, the significant element to consider is how pleasing or melodious they are to people living there.

What kind of good luck you willing to attract depends on the number of rods applied in wind chime. To restrict bad luck caused by negative energy and beams, you can use five strong pole metal feng shui wind turbines. If you wish to draw good fortune on your lives, use six or eight rods. When you want to conquer bad fortune, then five is most suitable.

Selecting chimes that correspond to the part of this region is another important factor. As an example, the Southeast and East are associated with wood or tree energy, hence using wood chimes is considered the best means to trigger the energy of chi within this area.

Metal wind chimes are used generally to attract good fortune for homes and offices, they also slow down energies in your own building or property. Wind chimes made of metal such as steel, alumunium, copper, brass, and nickel are especially suitable in the metallic component regions (Northwest and West) and water element areas (North) because water is made by metal in the five elements theory.

Ceramic wind chimes can be utilized from the Northeast (knowledge fortune), Southwest (love and romance luck) and center (health fortune) area of the house. Those would be the Earth energy sectors.

Best Place for Feng Shui Wind Chimes at home or work place

This isn’t to say I wouldn’t use a small wind chime inside a house, especially if the wind chime has little rock crystals in it. I encourage my readers to trust their awareness as to the ideal placement of a specific object in their home.

Allow me to give you all the info you need to know in order to make a smart decision as to the best placement of your wind chime for good feng shui.

According to traditional feng shui schools, wind chimes are used to heal negative energies, be it annual feng shui negative energies or challenging permanent fixtures inside a home.

Placed in front of an entry, they create a superb and efficient safety system by preventing occupants of intruders and warning trespassers that their undesirable presence will be noticed.

Southwest Area
To improve your popularity, you can hang two-rod or nine-rod chimes, made of either crystal or ceramic, in the southwest corner of their living area. These chimes will help circulate the chi and will draw more people for you, thus increasing your circle of friends.

West Region
You can hang hollow metallic wind chimes in the west region of your house to increase the chances of having children and to influence positively the behavior, health and academic performance of children.

Northwest Area
In Chinese tradition, influential friends are one of the most important and greatest keys to success. Without these people, it’s considered that a person’s progress in life will be severely hindered. Hang hollow metallic wind chimes in the northwest (area that’s associated with mentors and media) to activate the chi there so that it’s going to bring in influential and powerful people who may help you on your travels. You can double the effect by hanging six-rods metallic chime in this space as six being the number representative of the element in this sector.

North Area
It’s possible to hang a six-rod metal wind chime in the North sector of your home to activate career fortune. The element of the sector is water and the use of metal produces water.

To help eliminate clutter
When clutter accumulates, it can negate any positive or good effects achieved by using feng shui. Remove as much clutter as you can is always advocated, this process may also be helped along by utilizing the wind chimes. They will loosen up any stagnant qi and provide clutter-clearing efforts an additional boost.

In Between Doors
You are also able to display 5 or 6 sticks metal wind chime in between doors that confronting each other in 1 line (such as kitchen door facing bedroom doorway or bathroom door).


  1. I thought it was really interesting to learn that wind chime location is important for specific purposes. I liked how you pointed out that hanging chimes in the west region can help your feng shui with positive health and behavior of children. This is something I’d like, so I’ll be sure to keep this in mind when I get some wind chimes.


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