Numerology is the faith in the heavenly, mystical connection between a number and any corresponding incident

Numerology is the faith in the heavenly, mystical connection between a number and any corresponding incident. It also studies the numerical value of letters in the names, words or any ideas. It is often related to astrology, paranormal and other divine arts. Numerology has been observed from the time of Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathematician. The Mayans believed that everything, like the universe, cycles, ages, etc. could be broken into numbers. They believed that the numbers were sacred and that they had life in them.

Your name or birth date can be reduced down to solo digits with the help of numerology. Each of the digits from 1 to 9 has their own, individual tendencies, and the resultant number is supposed to reveal the kind of personality you have. Usually, our personality has sub-dominant and dominant meanings of many numbers. This helps reveal where you might be out of balance.

Understanding to Use a Numerology Chart

The numbers that are recognized to have their own significance by numerologists are numbers from 1 to 11, and 22. They are known to represent several personality traits as well as dispositions which can be both negative and positive in nature. For example, number 5 may signify free-spirit whereas number 1 is about being a go-getter.

Numbers 11 and 22 are called the “master” numbers as they are they are quite powerful and amplified variations of their respective sums. Therefore, the traits of the number 11 would correspond to number 2 and the traits of number 22 will correspond to number 4. But, all the traits, be it negative or positive, will be greatly magnified.

The standard chart used in numerology is basically an alpha-numeric table that designates a number to different alphabets. This chart will help in drawing meaning from different words when they are summed together in number-letter combinations. To know what defines an individual; numbers are derived from each letter of the name and summed up together to return to a single digit.

Life Path Number

Life Path number is basically derived from the birth date of an individual. It is the sum of all the numbers in the birth date till it is returned back to a single digit number or even a master number. While adding the numbers, if you form a two-digit number, it must be broken down and again added to arrive at a single digit. In case you arrive at a master number, you are supposed to stop there.

Meaning of Numbers

According to numerology, even numbers are supposed to be feminine and odd numbers are supposed to be masculine. Masculine and feminine here means the respective traits or energy we all possess. A masculine personality describes someone who is creative yet cold, active and thrusting. While a person with feminine personality is warm, receptive, passive and yielding. These traits are seen in both the sexes.

Each number from to 1 to 9 describes a different set of characters possessed by the person. According to numerology these are the meanings of each number:

  1. ONE– They are masculine and a figure of mental and physical activity. They have leadership skills. They will reach the top of everything they actually believe in.
  2. TWO– They have dual beliefs and are Gnostic. They have feminine traits and are uncomplicated in nature. Twos are just the opposite of Ones.
  3. THREE– Another masculine number which symbolises The Holy Trinity. They are the intermediaries between 1 and 2. They are pleasure loving as well as giving people.
  4. FOUR– Feminine and resolute to reach their goals. They are sure-footed and love a stable and secure life. They believe in hard work and make their own way to their goals.
  5. FIVE– They are restless, lively and love adventure. Being masculine, they love challenges. They also have a good sense of humour.
  6. SIX– Possessing feminine tendencies, they can be very sable and motherly. They are responsible and great problem solvers. They can adapt to changes very easily.
  7. SEVEN– They are the most holy ones and symbolise the 7 chakras. They are masculine and very intellectual. They aren’t materialistic at all. They are also much disciplined.
  8. EIGHT– These people symbolise infinity which guides us to the next life. They lack patience but are very tough. They like accumulating wealth.
  9. NINE– It is a very powerful number. They have a broad vision and universal problem solving capacity. They are filled with high energy and they always finish what they started.

These numerology meanings figure out your attributes and help you know your strengths and weaknesses. You can now focus on your strengths and perform better to reach your goals.


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