What Makes Numerology and Astrology Different From Each Other?


Both numerology and astrology are metaphysical sciences that are quite popular these days. You must have discovered plenty of articles online providing a fair amount of insight about your zodiac signs or anything related to it. When people have insecurities or have failed in something, they find solace in such metaphysical sciences. Both the branches have their significant amount of followers that follow specific rules and use tools to learn more about themselves and their life.


Astrology is more about the cosmic positioning of celestial bodies. It incorporates planets and stars. It involves a calculated complication which is represented in an astrological chart for every person with the help of planetary positions like the stars, sun, or moon during the time when the subject was born. Hence, according to astrology, the time of birth as well as the date of birth plays a very important part in drawing the subject’s profile.


On the other hand, numerology is slightly different from astrology. It is more about names and numbers. The basic assumption is numerology is that every individual vibrates with a certain amount of numerological energy. To calculate this numerological number, the person’s date of birth is taken into consideration. The name of the person can also be used to derive the numerological number. Numbers from 0 to 9 are known to have values of their own in the form of negative and positive traits which ultimately influence a person’s susceptibility to failure or success.

At times, the numerological readings conducted using the name of an individual may suggest negative vibrations. Numerologists inform the subject about it. They also suggest ways of changing such negative vibrations which usually involves changing a consonant or vowel in the name. Every vibration is known to attract energy which can either be positive or negative in nature. When the vibrations attract positive energies, the person would lead a life being satisfied and happy. Whereas, if the vibrations attract negative energies, the person might have to deal with disappointments, misfortunes, or even bad luck as a consequence in many scenarios.

How They Are Of Use in Different Ways

Astrology can be used to gain more insight about the future as it can give a more specific and accurate method. Astrology also provides remedies or solutions to problems that occur due to the bad effects of certain plants and their positioning. On the contrary, numerology can be used in the right way by applying its principles in choosing the right name for your baby, or find lucky numbers, colors, and gemstones.

Though astrology can inform a lot about your future and show you ways of overcoming your weaknesses, you decisions should not be based only on astrology. Astrology can be used as a guide for consultancy whenever you have to make an important decision. This definitely also applies for numerology as well. But, using numerology to determine your lucky color, gemstone, or number can be of great help in the future. This is also the same when selecting a name for your baby.

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