Lord Ganesha – the remover of obstacles

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Lord Ganesha is internationally the most recognized Hindu deity. He’s also known as the Elephant God in Hinduism and son of the Destroyer Mahadev and Parvati.

Lord Gnesha is “Vighanharta” the remover of obstacles. Indian followers takes the blessings of Lord Ganesha before start any new task. Ganesh ji is the person who retains the power to provide wisdom and eliminate any challenges from the route to success. Ganesha is worshipped on a lot of spiritual and secular events, particularly at the start of ventures like buying a car or starting a company.

Family background of Ganesha

Lord Ganesh belongs to a Family of god Mahadev. He’s the son of Lord Shiva – the Hindu God of all Destruction and Goddess Parvati – the Hindu Goddess of fertility & love. Lord Ganesh has a brother as Lord Kartik – the Hindu God of War & Victory!

According to the scared books and belief, Ganesha had two wives Ridhhi (meaning Prosperity) and Sidhhi (spiritual power) moreover he had two sons -Subha (Riddhi’s son, representing Auspiciousness) while Labha (Siddhi’s son) symbolizing Profit.

Ganesh’s Birth

One day after Shiva was in one of his heavy meditations and wanted no one create disturbance during meditation. Parvati wanted to meet lord Shiva but Nandi did not allowed her. Parvati was profoundly hurt and felt very lonely being ignored by her husband.

She made the decision to have somebody who would be there any time she needed and would therefore, right then and there she gathered some clay from her body while she was bathing and molded the most handsome young man she could picture, The second moment lord Vishnu breathed life into him and handsome Lord Ganesh had been Born.

How did Ganesha got elephant head

Soon after his creation Parvati requested Ganesh to guard her side of this mountain while she bathed. As she had been away, Shiva came from his deep meditation and, as any good husband could, went to go visit his wife unaware of the recently created Ganesh.

Suddenly he had been confronted with a handsome young boy telling him he could not see his Goddess Parvati. Lord Shiva got angry. There was a quick struggle and in the method Shiva cut down Ganesh’s head. After knowing who he actually was, Shiva decided to bring him back to life and told his fellow Nandi and others to attract the head of their first sleeping being they discovered with its head facing towards the North. Well, the very first thing they discovered was an elephant, so Shiva attached the elephant head to Ganesh’s body and bring him back to life.

Why is Lord Ganesha called Ekdant?

Ganesha is also Called ‘Ekdant’ meaning one-toothed. He’s always represented with a broken tusk. The story behind this is, one afternoon, as Ganesh was guarding his dad who had been in one of his deep meditations, sage Parashurama came to meet lord Shiva. Parashurama an incarnation of Vishnu who’s known for his hyper temper. Lord Ganesha did not allowed Parashurama to meet Shiva during meditation. As a result Parashurama lost temper and threw axe towards Ganesha. Ganesha was know that axe was presented by his dad. So he allowed axe strike on tusk.

There is another tele supporting this. If you have ever noticed the idol of Lord Ganesha carefully, you would have discovered the broken tusk. As legend goes, when Ganesha was writing the Mahabharata, the feather that he was composing with broke. So, To adhere to the status of writing continuously, Ganesha broke his tusk and Wrote with it.

Writing the Mahabharat

It is said that Ganesha composed the Mahabharata, since it had been recited to him by sage Vyasa (Veda Vyasa). This was performed on the condition that Vyasa might not quit while reciting the epic poem and that Ganesha would not quit while composing. Yet another condition that Ganesha wouldn’t only compose it, but also know every verse of it. Popular legends state that it took both of these three decades of constant writing and speaking to finish the epic.

Worshipped first

It’s believed that when Ganesha acquired his Elephant Head, then Lord Shiva announced that a very first and Foremost prayer has to be offered to Lord Ganesha before starting with any sacred Hindu ritual. Consequently, Lord Ganesh is a worshiped prior to the invoking Of any deity.



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