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Vithoba, Vitthal and Pandurang are worshiped primarily in the Indian states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, called by three names, Lord Vithal, commonly known as Lord Vishnu or their incarnation (avatar ) An example of Krishna has been told. Vitthal is worshiped more by the monasticists, non-Brahmin sects of Maharashtra and Haridasa community of Karnataka. Their main temples are found in Pandharpur in Maharashtra near the Karnataka border.

god vitthal photo & hd wallpaper
God Vitthal Rukmini wallpaper designed with beautiful background, decorated with floating bubbles.

god vitthal wallpaper

The credit for the fame of Pandurang goes to one of his devotees Pandalak who brought him to Pandharpur. God Vitthal’s role as a savior for the poet-saints of Varakhari Aastha has been in the form of a savior. This saint poet is famous for his devotional interest and Abhang, who is said to be recited in his praise, was composed in Marathi language. Other devotional songs devoted to Vitthal, Kannada bhajans of Haridasha and songs of common Hindu Aarti Marathi versions are also included.

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God Vitthal photo wearing beautiful precious stone studded crown, garland and traditional amazing costume.

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lord Vitthal picture

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Hindu God Vitthal photos download free
Hindu God Vitthal photos download free



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