Doris Greek Goddess

Doris believed the fertility of sea in Greek Mythology

Doris (bounty, gift) was a sea nymph in Greek mythology. Her name represented the bounty of the ocean. Her parents were Oceanus and Tethys and she was wife of Nereus. She was also aunt of Atlas the titan god who was designed to keep the sky on his shoulders. His mother Clymene was a sister of Doris. Doris was mother of Nerites and the fifty Nereids, with Thetis that was the mother of Achilles, and Amphitrite. Thetis was wife of Poseidon and mother of Triton.

Doris was believed the fertility of sea before associated with a god. Goddess of the rich fishing-grounds found in the mouths of rivers where fresh water blended with the brine. Being an oakenide, she was the sister of rivers. Her name is linked with just two phrases: Dôron meaning “gift” or “prosperity” and Zôros means the “pure” and “unmixed.” Zôros was frequently utilized to label fresh water or with respect to the teachings of the day, the pure spirit of a woman, and by this derived phrase like zôrua “the transference of running water” and zôrux “water conduit.”


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