Clotho youngest among the Three Fates

Clotho youngest among the Three Fates
Statue in Druid Ridge Cemetery that represents the Greek fate Clotho

Clotho is among the Three Fates or Moirai who spin, draw out and cut the thread of Life in ancient Greek mythology. She is a daughter of Zeus and Themis and one of the oldest goddesses in Greek mythology. Her Roman equivalent is Nona. Clotho was in charge of spinning the thread of human life.  She also made significant decisions, like when a person was born, thus in effect controlling people’s lives. This power allowed her not only to select who was born, but also to choose when gods or mortals were to be saved or put to death. For instance, Clotho brought Pelops back to life when his dad boiled and murdered him.

As one of the three fates her effects on Greek mythology was important. Clotho, together with her sisters and Hermes, was given credit for making the alphabet for their own people. Though Clotho and her sisters were worshiped as goddesses, their representation of destiny is more central to their role in mythology. Thread represented human existence and her decisions represented the destiny of all people in the society.

According to Hesiod’s Theogony, Clotho and her sisters (Atropos and Lachesis) were the daughters of Erebus (Darkness) and Nyx (Night), however later in the same work (ll.  901-906) they’re believed to have been born of Zeus and Themis. Clotho is also mentioned in the tenth book of the Republic of Plato as the daughter of Necessity.  In Roman mythology it was considered that she was daughter of Uranus and Gaia.

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