Chakra Energy Pendant


Our body has seven energy chakras through which the energy flows. We can synchronize our body energy by use of the Chakra Energy Pendant. When one of the chakras is blocked or we experience negative energy, we become listless and fall sick.

Effect of the blocked Chakra

When the seventh Chakra is blocked, the person feels fearful. The feeling of loneliness overcomes the person and makes him or her miserable. Feelings of depression are common for those whose seventh Chakra is blocked. If your sixth Chakra is blocked, you have problems concentrating. You will experience bad dreams and have headaches. You might also develop eye problems.

When the fifth Chakra is blocked, your will power becomes weak. Physically, your metabolism will become sluggish. This will lead to deteriorating health. When the fourth chakra is blocked, you will lack self-love. You develop a feeling of guilt and become instable. Your predominant emotion will be self-pity.  When the third chakra is blocked, you begin to experience negative thinking. You begin talking too much and your anger is increased. Your ego and appetite become big and needlessly inflated.

The block to the second chakra makes you feel lots of resentment. Your attitude becomes materialistic and you develop low self-esteem. You begin to blame others and feel intense feelings of jealousy. The feeling of self-rejection is predominant in your mental makeup. When the first chakra is blocked, you become self-centred. Violence enters your life and you become greedy.

Channelizing your energy with the Chakra Energy Pendant

You may open the seven portals of energy with the Chakra Energy Pendant. You can clear your blocked chakras and help others to open their energy portals too. But, first let us see what each Chakra stands for and how they help us.

Chakra One: This is the Root Chakra and represents the foundation of who the person is. It transacts with survival issues on both the bodily level and worldly level. It helps you deal with money matters and augments your metabolism. This is located at base of the spine in the tailbone.

Chakra Two: This is the Sacral Chakra.  This helps you connect to external things and feel pleasure. It is in the lower abdomen.

Chakra Three: This is the Solar Plexus Chakra. It helps you develop confidence and control your life. It is in the upper stomach area.

Chakra Four: This is the Heart Chakra. It helps you to love. It is in centre of the chest.

Chakra Five: This is the Throat Chakra. This deals with communication. It is in the throat.

Chakra Six: This is the Third Eye Chakra. It helps you focus and understand the bigger picture. It is in between the eyes.

Chakra Seven: This is the Crown Chakra. You will get the ability to integrate with the comic energy. It is on top of your head.

The Chakra Energy Pendant helps augment this action due to its intrinsic energy. It is linked to the cosmos and lets you enter the energy portals with ease. By wearing the chakra, you channelize your body energy. When you breathe through the chakra energy pendant you synchronize your energy to help you enter the energy portal.


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