Astrology - movements and relative positions of celestial bodies

Astrology is the branch that studies the influence of the distant cosmic objects which include planets and stars on the lives of human beings. The way the sun, planets, and moon are positioned during the time of a person’s birth plays a major role. It influences the romantic relationships and also predicts any form of economic fortunes and other related dimensions.

The cosmos has been able to fill us with awe and curiosity. Using the principles of astrology, many people look for guidance, answers and timeless wisdom in the night sky.

What most people can think of when spoken about astrology are the zodiac signs. They are the 12 constellations which is a part of the sun-sign astrology which most newspaper horoscopes are based on. It is the simplest form of astrology as it does not incorporate a person’s birthday for generating the horoscope. Many astrologers would say that as this form of astrology is very simple, it can only produce limited results.

For producing more accurate form of results in the form of readings, astrologers will go through the sign every planet was in during the time of the individual’s birth. The signs and planets combine with certain elements, like angles and houses, in order to form more complex and specific profiles of people’s life, future prospects, and personality.

It is important to know there is no universal practice or theory of astrology. Ancient cultures had their own forms which have now combined into a newer version and evolved into some of the common western astrological theories of this generation. Eastern cultures still tend to follow their own unique form of astrology. The Tibetan, Vedic, and Chinese astrology are among the prominent ones that are known even in this time.

Even in western astrology, there is a considerable amount of diversity in the philosophies and methods incorporated. Some experts may divide astrology on the basis of the end result received from it. They are categorized into three broad headings.

  • Mundane Astrology: In this form of astrology, the world events are examined for making predictions about wars, national affairs, and economics.
  • Natal Astrology: This is what most of the people have in mind when referring to astrology. Natal astrology aims to analyse and make predictions based on the date of a person’s birth. The idea this astrology is based on is that everything that is happening to something would be expressed is expressed ultimately in the beginning of that occurrence. This is also referred as the Law of Beginnings.
  • Interrogatory Astrology: This branch is usually subdivided into more categories. Interrogatory astrology refers to the type of astrology that is sought for making specific forms of predictions and analysis that are regarding the objectives or events of the subject or individual from his/her own life.

Is Astrology a Science?

Astrology is not considered to be science, but more of a metaphysical discipline. Several laws of astrology take energetic stimulus into consideration which is similar in case of studies that were conducted on numerology, acupuncture, crystal healing, Feng Shui, yoga.

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