Alcyone – goddess of the moon,the sea, calm, and tranquility


Alcyone or Alkyone was the daughter of AeolusĀ , the Greek god of the wind in Greek mythology and her mother was either Enarete or Aegiale. She married Ceyx, son of Eosphorus the Morning Star.

Discover the myth of Alcyone and Ceyx

The narrative of Alcyone and Ceyx is extremely touching and portrays the love that triumphs over disaster. This young couple was so much in love that neither the gods nor death might place them apart. Alcyone followed her husband into another life and did so with her free will. From this myth also succeeds a popular term, the Halcyon Days.

They were so happy in their marriage that they used to frequently playfully call one another Zeus and Hera. This infuriated the main of those gods that considered it an audacity. Zeus waited for the suitable moment to punish the arrogant bunch who dared to create themselves akin to gods.

Ceyx was still in mourning over his brother’s departure and profoundly bothered over a few ominous signs that’d detected. He decided to consult the oracle of Apollo in Carlos at Ionia (Western Anatolia). Alcyone, nevertheless, strove to dissuade her husband out of his choice to journey through the dangerous seas to check the oracle.

She reminded him of the danger from the fury of the winds that even her dad, the god of the winds, often found hard to control: she place stress over her husband to take her along with him. However, Ceyx would not place his cherished wife through unnecessary threat. Alcyone watched with a awful feeling as the boat carrying her husband had been getting off from the harbour.

Zeus, the chief god, decided this was an opportune time to penalize the couple for their sacrilege. He launched a thunderbolt that raised a mad hurricane engulfing the ship which began to sink.

Ceyx understood that the end had come for him and, until he got drowned, he prayed to the gods to permit his body to be washed ashore in order to empower his beloved Alcyone to do the funeral rites. Since Ceyx gasped his last breath, his dad Esophorous, the morning star, watched helplessly, shrouding his encounter with clouds, not able to leave the skies and rescue his son.

Powers and talents

The powers that Alcyone has are The Sea, The Moon, Calm, and Tranquility.
Though she does not actually use her abilities she pretty much just has dominion over the sea moon calm and tranquility. Something you need to know is that Alcyone simply has dominion over the water surrounding that island she lives on and with the moon subject she just has dominion over the moon when it’s fully over her island. But otherwise she has complete dominion over the things calm and tranquility.


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